The Jacqueline Conoir runway show is always a highlight on Lj PR’s production schedule. Every season, JC Studio brings together an amazing team of talented individuals to produce the Jacqueline Conoir & JAC runway show. We at Lj PR are always happy to be apart of such a dynamic production.

This season, the team stayed up all night building the incredible runway. A white, ethereal set for Jacqueline Conoir, and with a quick change of sliding red doors between collections, creating a fresh background for the JAC collection.

Starting years ago, I have been fortunate enough to take the journey with JAC by starting as an intern for their shows with Lj PR, a boutique PR Company headed by power publicist Lyndi Barrett.  Season after season, the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is JC Studio’s refreshing approach, their level of organization, delivery of press materials in a timely fashion and their masterfully executed shows - Josh Langston, The Social Life

The show was beautiful – I would say one of the best JC Studio has produced. The collection, runway, the crowd – fantastic. Big thank you to my amazing team of students from Blanche Macdonald who helped make this production seamless. Congratulations to designer RozeMerie & her team on another successful runway show.

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